Animal Studies

Cardiac Output Determination During Experimental Hemorrhage and Resuscitation Using a Transesophageal Doppler Monitor

Luiz Francisco Poli de Figueiredo, Ruy Jorge Cruz Jr, Eliezer Silva, and Maurício Rocha e Silva

Ability of pulse contour and esophageal Doppler to estimate rapid changes in stroke volume

S. Gunn, H. Kim, P. Harrigan, M. Pinksy

Preliminary evaluation of Cardio-Q Oesophageal Doppler in healthy dogs undergoing orthopaedic surgery

SM Thomson, L Clark, JM Bland, EA Armitage-Chan, M Cecconi

Effect of different analgesic techniques on hemodynamic variables recorded with an esophageal Doppler monitor during ovariohysterectomy in dogs

Ignacio Sández, María Soto, Daniel Torralbo, and Eva Rioja

Evaluation of transesophageal Doppler in Beagle dogs as an aid to provide goal directed fluid therapy

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