Placing the Probe

Note that much of this content is derived from human experience, so may require modification for specific animal application.

EDM+Vet uses Doppler ultrasound technology to determine central vascular blood flow and fluid status during the intra-operative period.

Put simply, the clinician places a monitoring probe into the subject’s esophagus, akin to placement of a nasogastric tube. Once focused on the adjacent aorta, the device uses highly sensitive ultrasound to immediately measure changes in flow. This cardiac output data provides a vital guide to therapeutic intervention.

Insertion and focusing of the probe is a simple procedure that should only take a few minutes. Once in position the clinician is rewarded with complete visibility of real time blood velocities within the descending aorta.

Further information is available at e-Learning or for full detail about how to use the technology visit our Training Workbook.

Inserting the Probe: Guidance

Choose easy subjects to gain familiarity (5+ times)
• Place ultrasound gel onto probe
• Measure approx. position of heart (T5-T6) on small animal before insertion of probe using the depth markers as a guide
• Place probe early as possible, 5 minutes before trying to get a reading

Do not use force
• When at approximate position rotate through 360 degrees to locate signal
• If you cannot find it remove probe by 1cm and rotate 360 degree in
opposite direction
• Once a signal is established, tape probe to ET tube if movement causing problems


  • Abnormalities or surgery of the mouth, pharynx, aorta and esophagus
  • Base of skull fractures
  • Coagulopathies
  • Remove probe if patient having an MRI
  • Remove probe or disconnect if cardioversion required

The following may make locating an optimal signal difficult:

  • Coarctation of the aorta
  • Use of intra-aortic balloon pump
  • Anatomical abnormalities

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