Deltex Medical’s monitoring products, including Esophageal Doppler monitoring (EDM) all sit under the company’s new TrueVue branding. With a heritage going back almost thirty years, Deltex delivers gold standard minimally invasive hemodynamic management. EDM uses ultrasound to precisely measure the rate of blood flow in the descending aorta. The data enables the clinician to make the right hemodynamic interventions. EDM is the only technology to provide a real-time response from central circulation. Furthermore it is clinically proven to reduce complications and improve outcomes.

Identify the Problem before it becomes a Crisis

To control hemodynamic status is often to control the outcome. Organ perfusion is dependent on a combination of blood pressure and blood flow. Get it wrong and the impact may not be immediately obvious, but it may be significant, extending from renal problems to surgical site infection or organ failure. Get it right and the outcome is improved… significantly.

Keep on top of the Hemodynamics

Recognizing the benefits of EDM, government entities, health payers and technology assessment bodies have made their own recommendations. These include the Agency for Healthcare & Quality (AHRQ) and the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Studies specific to EDM are proven to result in fewer and less severe complications together with fuller and faster recovery.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a National Coverage Decision for EDM that resulted in reimbursement for physicians using EDM. This is based on the compelling and robust evidence base of clinical and economic benefits of EDM specifically.

Veterinary Application

Deltex offers a veterinary derivative of esophageal Doppler, the EDM+Vet system, comprising the monitor and a single probe for small animal use. We’re delivering the benefits of decades of physiological know-how to help veterinarians deliver optimal small animal operative hemodynamic control.

When used to guide Fluid Management during surgery or in critical care, Esophageal Doppler can demonstrably reduce complications, shorten length of stay and cut costs.

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