Acute Kidney Injury

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is an ever-present risk in surgery, documented as afflicting about 8% of subjects in human studies. AKI can prolong hospital stay, lead to poorer ultimate outcome and even shorten life expectancy.

Indeed its incidence is one of the main measures of poor surgical outcome.

Many human studies, including FEDORA look at the incidence of avoidable conditions that we can relate to peri-operative care. Deltex’s mission is to provide the technology to help clinicians recognize and avoid adverse outcomes such as Acute Kidney Injury and Surgical Site Infection. 

As well as drawing attention to the problem, usefully we can help with the solution… 

Acute Kidney Injury Avoidance Strategy

By adopting hemodynamic management techniques during surgery, clinicians can greatly reduce incidence of AKI, SSI and other complications. Keeping the subject in a state of fluid balance helps to maintain levels of perfusion of organs including the kidneys.

Deltex’s Esophageal Doppler Monitoring (EDM) system is the only hemodynamic management tool to deliver real time, accurate blood flow and pressure information directly from the aorta. EDM is also the only technology to be backed by a body of independent clinical studies. Decades spent managing blood flow and blood pressure using advanced monitoring technology has yielded 22 supportive Randomized Controlled Trials.

Whether in a human or animal setting, adverse surgical outcomes need not occur at the published levels. Deltex is here to help you deliver the best outcomes. We’re here to help you to avoid the avoidable.

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